Dental Checkups Can Actually HELP Your Bank Account!

HAVE YOU EVER WORRIED ABOUT THE ECONOMIC IMPLICATIONS of having regular dental checkups? Some people consider routine exams and cleanings an expense. The good news is, this type of preventive care SAVES you money over time by helping you avoid far more serious (and expensive) treatment.

We are all familiar with the value of regular oil changes for our vehicles, right? This small expense helps our vehicles run smoothly for years longer than they could otherwise—AND help us avoid major, costly repairs.

Drs. Jared and Daniel Theurer can help you keep your teeth for life—a huge benefit that generations of the past weren’t able to enjoy. Our grandparents basically expected to end up with false teeth when they reached their 60s or 70s. Luckily, the key to keeping your teeth for life in today’s world is through regular maintenance and a tiny bit of preventive care.

Typically, your six-month checkup will include:

  • Checking for Gum Disease – Gum disease is the #1 reason people lose teeth. Dr. Jared Theurer refers to periodontal disease as the “quiet destroyer”, because it progresses and causes inflammation/regression in your jawbone, which supports your teeth. Without checkups, it may be too late by the time you notice something wrong.
  • Looking for Tooth Decay – The more dental restoration that you’ve had on a specific tooth in the past, the more attention it will need over time. Old fillings and root canal treatments need much more frequent checkups examinations than untouched teeth. Even the best fillings can have a limited life. Even microscopic space between the tooth structure and the filling can result in decay. Catch this early to avoid losing the tooth.
  • Examining Your Bite – Your bite should be examined as well to be sure that teeth are in harmony with each other. An unbalanced bite will not only damage your teeth, but also wear on your joints and cause arthritic problems.
  • Your Breath – Yes, we know…this is your least favorite topic. The problem is, many people are unaware they even HAVE bad breath. And plaque (not what you eat) is the most common cause of this condition. Drs. Theurer and their team can help.
  • Changes in Soft Tissue – Checking for signs of oral cancer is a huge part of your routine checkup. Did you know, according to the oral cancer foundation, that the death rate for oral cancer is higher than that of cancers which we hear about routinely such as cervical cancer, Hodgkin’s lymphoma, laryngeal cancer, cancer of the testes, and endocrine system cancers such as thyroid, or skin cancer (malignant melanoma)? The death rate associated with this is so high because it is being routinely discovered so late in its development, not because it’s hard to diagnose. Don’t take the risk… Especially when our dentists’ trained eyes can so easily help through early detection.

Six-Monthly Checkups Can Help Save You Time, Money, Discomfort, Hassle (and teeth). Period.

Don’t wait until something hurts to think about your teeth. Visit with Dr. Jared or Daniel Theurer and their capable team.  It not only makes sense for your health and appearance, but also for your bank account.

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