Teeth Whitening in Sugar House–Salt Lake City

Teeh Whitening Near Murray UT

get white teeth with tooth whitening in Salt Lake City and Sugar HouseHave you ever seen someone whose teeth are so white that it seems unnatural, or almost impossible? Have you ever wondered how you could get a bright, white smile like that—one you could show off with pride? If so, we may have the answer for you—professional teeth whitening!

This simple procedure at The Sugar House Dentist guarantees you a whiter, brighter smile. Best of all, it is easier than ever before. If you’re looking for the right dental clinic to go to for teeth whitening in Salt Lake City and Sugar House, Utah, call us today! We offer two teeth whitening systems to help you lighten and brighten your smile with teeth bleaching:

Boost™ by Opalescence™ In-Office Teeth Whitening System

The Boost™ teeth bleaching system gives you amazing results with very little time or effort required. The Boost™ teeth whitening system can effortlessly whiten and brighten your smile dramatically. It is an easy, one-visit procedure with astonishing, visible results.

When you come for teeth whitening in Sugar House, our dentist, Dr. Theurer, DDS, will discuss your options with you, including our in-office and take-home whitening systems, as well as dental veneers.

If you choose the Boost™ by Opalescence™ teeth bleaching system, Dr. Theurer will begin by painting the special whitening gel on your teeth. Once that is finished, he will then shine a special light on your gel-covered teeth to finish the whitening process.

The difference in your smile will amaze you! You will be astounded and impressed that Boost™ can safely lighten your teeth up to eight shades after just one treatment! You will walk in with a smile that has become dull over time, and walk out with a smile that is dazzling in no time.

Professional Take-Home Teeth Whitening Trays

Murray teeth whitening couple with white teeth in Salt Lake CityYou have probably seen a number of different teeth whitening kits at the drugstore or supermarket. Although many of these over-the-counter teeth whitening kits will lighten your smile to varying degrees, our professional take-home teeth whitening kits are so much more effective!

There are many factors in play, of course, but in a nutshell, here’s why our teeth whitening kits are a much better choice than any over-the-counter kit:

  • First, the pre-made trays that come in over-the-counter kits are made to fit every mouth, not just yours. However, with our professional take-home teeth whitening system, the trays are custom made from molds taken of your mouth. This way the teeth-bleaching gel gets to all the areas of your teeth directly, every time you put them in.
  • Second, the professional-grade gel that comes in our at-home teeth whitening system is far more powerful than anything that comes in at-home teeth-bleaching kits that you can purchase over the counter at the supermarket.

The professional system for take-home teeth whitening that we offer at The Sugar House Dentist near Murray, UT, works gradually. To use it, you put the teeth bleaching gel in the trays, then place the trays over your teeth, keeping the trays in your mouth for several hours or overnight. Within a period of time—which is usually a few weeks or less—you will see a notable difference in the brightness and color of your smile.

With a professional take-home teeth whitening system, it is necessary to have your teeth whitened again regularly to keep your smile as bright and white as possible. This alone may inspire you to try our quick, one-time Boost™ teeth whitening treatment instead.

Get White Teeth in Sugar House Today!

Whichever system you choose to use, even if you need dental veneers, we are excited to offer top-tier teeth whitening in our Sugar House dentist office. Come see us soon, and we will help you attain the nicest, whitest, brightest smile we possibly can! To set up an appointment or an initial consultation to discuss your options, we invite Salt Lake City–Murray, UT, area patients to call today!