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The Sugar House Dentist is a leading-edge family dental clinic in Salt Lake City, located in the heart of the Sugar House district. Dr. Theurer, DDS, our family dentist, is an expert in family dental care in Salt Lake City, Sugar House, Murray, UT, and the surrounding areas. His broad training has equipped him to perform a wide variety of family dental services, treatments, and procedures for both children and adults.

Dr. Theurer, DDS, is also an expert provider of dentistry for children in Salt Lake City. He and his friendly, well-trained team invite you to visit our comfortable, caring family dental care clinic in Salt Lake City’s Sugar House district.

Call us today 385.299.7840 and let us care for you and your loved ones to help you all maintain healthy, beautiful smiles for life!

Family Dentistry Services in Sugar House

We offer many family dental services in Sugar House, including:

Teeth Cleaning

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It is our job to take professional care of your and your family’s teeth to keep your smiles looking clean, fresh, and healthy. Our family dental service in Sugar House provides thorough teeth cleaning at all of your regular visits.

We recommend that the majority of our patients have their teeth cleaned regularly, every six months. However, we evaluate each patient as an individual, and we make all of our dental care recommendations based on your needs and what is best for your teeth and overall health.

Dental Fillings

During your regular office visits, our Salt Lake City dentist for kids and families will examine your teeth. If we find that you have any tooth decay or cavities, Dr. Theurer and our awesome dental care team can provide—and do recommend—tooth-colored metal-free fillings.

These fillings seal off any portions of the tooth that could be susceptible to further decay, making sure that your smile and your children’s smiles are as healthy as they can be.

Plus, with tooth-colored fillings, your dental work is invisible to others—keeping it our little secret.

Dental Crowns

If we find any damaged, chipped, or cracked teeth during your regular office visits, Dr. Theurer may also recommend a dental crown. Our dental crowns are made out of beautiful materials that look just like natural teeth.

Dental crowns can cover tooth damage, replace a missing tooth, or resize a tooth that doesn’t fit in with your smile. Like dental fillings, we will be sure to color-match the tooth crowns to your natural teeth so your dental work blends in seamlessly with your smile.

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Treatment for Gum Disease

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While it may seem surprising, gum disease is far more prevalent than you may realize. Although it is often somewhat imperceptible, gum disease can lead to swollen, inflamed gums, loose teeth, and even tooth loss.

Our family dental clinic in Sugar House provides dental care for children and adults that addresses gum disease directly. During your visits, we look for any signs of gum disease. If we find any signs of gum disease, we treat it immediately! This way, it won’t advance and cause problems that could have been prevented by timely treatment.

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Root Canal Therapy

If the need arises, Dr. Theurer is equipped to provide root canal therapy with skill and precision. At The Sugar House Dentist, we are well acquainted with the pain and suffering that accompany a damaged tooth root. We provide expert treatment to remove the damaged tissue and relieve your persistent tooth pain.

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Instruction for Proper At-Home Dental Care

Part of good family dentistry and general dentistry care is to have your family dentist make sure you and your loved ones are familiar with good home dental care. By doing this, you can be assured that your smile is as healthy and beautiful as it can be!

How you care for your teeth at home is one of the most important factors in your overall and oral health! Part of a good family and children’s dentist’s job is to make sure that you and your loved ones have the knowledge and skills to properly care for your teeth at home, between professional cleanings.

As a family and children dentist in Salt Lake City’s Sugar House district, Dr. Theurer, DDS, and his team take their responsibility to educate their patients regarding at-home dental care very seriously. We take the time to teach every patient how to maintain their healthy smiles by maintaining proper oral hygiene between their bi-annual trips to the dentist.

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