Dental Crowns

tooth crown services for denatl crowns Sugar House dentist Murray, UTDo you have a gap in your smile? Or do you have a tooth that is cracked, broken, chipped, discolored or misshapen? Do you have a tooth that has so much dental work already that there is a concern that it may break or become decayed?

If yes, you may want to think about getting a tooth crown or dental crowns at our Sugar House dentist office in Salt Lake City!

Tooth Crown Services in Sugar House

Our talented doctors at The Sugar House Dentist are skilled in cosmetic and restorative dentistry. We want to make your smile look and feel the best it possibly can. This is why we offer beautiful dental crowns to cover any damaged, cracked, or chipped teeth.

Dental crowns can also be used to replace missing teeth when used with a dental bridge or dental implant.

What Are Dental Crowns?

A tooth crown or dental crowns are basically a cap for teeth that goes over your original tooth. They can drastically improve your tooth’s appearance and health. This cap for teeth has many advantages, including the following.

A tooth crown:

  • Repairs Damaged Teeth: A tooth crown or dental crowns can restore your damaged tooth so it can be sturdy, long-lasting, and durable.
  • Adds Protection: A tooth crown or dental crowns can be a cap for teeth that have been worn down and could become broken or decayed.
  • porcelain crowns with a Salt Lake City dentist Sugar House UtahBuilds Up Weakened Teeth: If you have had so much dental work that there is a possibility that your tooth could crack or become decayed, you can get a tooth crown or dental crowns as a cap for teeth. Dental crowns can restore your smile so your tooth or teeth are no longer at risk.
  • Restores Facial Structure: A gap or gaps in your smile can cause your cheeks get a sunken in look. A tooth crown or dental crowns as a cap for teeth can make your mouth look and feel full and complete again.
  • Replaces Missing Teeth: A tooth crown or dental crowns are placed on top of dental implants, to complete the dental implant procedure.
  • Anchors Dental Prosthetics: Dental crowns provide a sturdy, attractive, and long-lasting anchor to secure dentures, partial dentures, or a dental bridge.
  • Looks Great: A custom made tooth crown or dental crowns look just like natural teeth and are color matched to your original teeth, so laugh and smile with confidence.
  • Feels Natural: Because a tooth crown or dental crowns are so similar to your natural teeth, you can chew and eat like normal.

Get Beautiful, Natural-Looking Tooth Crowns in Sugar House

If you are looking to restore your smile to its natural beauty contact today The Sugar House Dentist! You can learn more about our long-lasting, durable, attractive solution for missing or damaged teeth—cap for teeth dental crowns! We offer our beautiful crowns to patients all over the Salt Lake City area—from Sugar House to Murray, UT!