Mercury-Free Dentistry

mercury free dentist white fillings Salt Lake City dentist Murray UTThe Sugar House Dentist is proud to be a mercury free dentist office in Salt Lake City.

We believe your dental health plays a large role in your overall health. That is why the doctors at The Sugar House Dentist provide mercury-free dental fillings. Mercury dental fillings—also known as amalgam fillings—are toxic and do not provide a holistic, safe approach to dental care.

Benefits of Mercury-Free Dental Work

Your Sugar House dentist will not place mercury filled dental fillings—we promise to be a mercury free dentist office! There are many benefits to finding a dental office that provides mercury free dentistry, including:

Safe for Overall Health 

Your dentist will provide you with education about the harm of amalgam fillings. If you currently have any amalgam fillings, there is a small chance that the toxic mercury from the filling could enter your bloodstream. However small, we believe any risk for your overall health is too much.

This is why your dentist at The Sugar House Dentist will be trained in safe mercury/amalgam filling removal procedures. He will use safe amalgam filling removal procedures to ensure you are protected from exposure to mercury during the removal procedure as well.

Natural Look

In addition to the harm that mercury fillings can cause, they are also not as aesthetically appealing as safer, non-toxic white fillings. Mercury or amalgam fillings are a dark metal or silver tone. On the other hand, white fillings match the natural coloration of your teeth and are essentially invisible.

Your mercury free dentist, Dr. Theurer, will use safe, non-toxic white fillings and tooth-colored dental fillings that blend in naturally with your smile.

Environmentally Friendly

Another benefit of being a mercury-free office is our limited impact on the environment around us. Mercury amalgam fillings pollute the air with toxins while being made, and their factories are quite harmful to the environment.

Our office uses tooth restorations that are safe and natural for the doctors making them and for the patients getting them.

Safe Metal Filling Removal in Salt Lake City

You can trust that your mercury-free dentist office cares about your dental and overall health!

If you have remaining amalgam fillings that you wish to have removed and replaced, contact our mercury-free dentists for an appointment today. Our holistic and caring dentists will provide you with the information you need to make an educated decision, and can safely remove your amalgam fillings and replace them with aesthetically pleasing white fillings. We look forward to providing you with safe and non-toxic dental care, helping you to restore the smile you’ve always wanted.

Replace Old Fillings and Amalgam Fillings in Sugar House

Schedule an appointment with The Sugar House Dentist today and begin your road to a beautiful smile! Our awesome team works with patients from all over the Salt Lake City area, including Murray, UT, so don’t wait to replace those old amalgam fillings!