Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation Treatment

Gum Rejuvenation Pinhole Surgical Technique

Funny mature man with a beautiful smile from gum rejuvenation treatmentBecause we care about you and your loved ones, we are excited to offer an amazing new dental procedure that can heal gum recession: the pinhole gum rejuvenation technique. The gum rejuvenation technique has many important benefits over traditional treatment or gum surgery.

This gum rejuvenation technique is the latest in dental oral health care and very few dentists have the proper skills and training to perform it. That is why we are so excited to offer it to you! We want your mouth to be happy, healthy, and completely free from the effects of gum recession.

Quick and Easy Receding Gums Treatment in Sugar House

If you have ever wondered how to rejuvenate your gums, this technique is the latest in dental oral health care. Only a few dentists have the skill to do this, but we are excited to offer it to our Sugarhouse and Salt Lake City patients!

We want your mouth to be happy, healthy, and free from gum recession. While this gum rejuvenation technique is new, it has been tested thoroughly and is remarkably safe. In fact, gum rejuvenation is much less invasive than traditional gum surgery, which involves gum grafting.

Receding Gums Symptoms and Causes in Salt Lake City

causes of gum recession and receding gums Sugar House dentist in Salt Lake CityGum recession is when your teeth look like they are getting longer. But what is actually happening is your gums are shrinking away and moving closer to the roots of your teeth.

Gum recession is also called root recession, and it is actually quite a serious issue. It can cause problems such as loose teeth or your teeth falling out. Then having missing teeth brings on a whole new set of problems!

Before your gum health gets as bad as missing teeth, call our dental team at The Sugar House Dentist today.

Causes of Gum Recession

  • Periodontal diseases | This is a major cause of gum recession. Bacteria that cause gum infections destroy gum tissue and the bones that support your teeth. Receding gums can result.
  • Genes | Like so many other things we gain from our parents’ gene pool, it may be that you are genetically more susceptible to gum disease and gum receding issues. Three out of ten people have a genetic predisposition to gum disease. This can lead to root recession, no matter how diligent they are in proper dental care.
  • Overly energetic tooth brushing | You may have been taught that you need to brush your teeth hard to get them clean. However, hard brushing is often damaging to your teeth because it can cause the enamel to wear down; this could result in receding gums.
  • Inadequate dental care | If you are not brushing and flossing properly or regularly, the plaque on your teeth can turn to tartar, which can only be removed with a professional dental cleaning. This buildup can cause root recession.
  • Hormonal changes | Female hormone levels can actually cause receding gums.
  • Tobacco products | For many reasons, tobacco use causes dental health problems. One is tobacco users often have sticky plaque on their teeth that is difficult to remove. This can cause receding gums.
  • Grinding and clenching your teeth | Grinding or clenching your teeth can put too much stress on your teeth and a result can be root recession.
  • Crooked teeth or a misaligned bite | It may surprise you that there is more than wanting a beautiful smile if your teeth are crooked. It may be that your crooked teeth are causing too much stress to the teeth, and root recession could result.
  • Lip or tongue piercing | Lip and tongue piercing can cause a number of dental problems, among them gum recession. The jewelry can rub and irritate the gums to the point where receding gums occur.

The Gum Rejuvenation Technique That Treats Gum Recession

Gum recession occurs when your gums pull up and away, and they expose your tooth roots. If it seems like your teeth are getting longer or your gums are shrinking, you may have receding gums. Gum recession has a myriad of causes and can have severe results, from gum disease to even tooth loss and bone deterioration.

Traditionally, the procedure for this was gum grafting. This procedure repaired the gums, but it was a remarkably invasive treatment. Gum grafting involves cutting soft tissue from the roof of the mouth and grafting it to the gums. Not only can this be inconvenient and require a rather lengthy recovery period, the surgery itself can be very painful.

Now, the pinhole surgical technique is a far better option and may be the best solution for you. We are pleased to offer this revolutionary new treatment right here at our Salt Lake City dentist office in Sugar House. The pinhole gum rejuvenation technique is a simple, quick, non-invasive dental procedure to repair receding gums.

The Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation Technique

  1. First, the area that will have the gum rejuvenation technique is numbed.
  2. Then, with a tiny needle, Dr. Theurer creates a small pinhole as the next step in the gum rejuvenation technique.
  3. In this pinhole, he gently loosens the receding gum tissue from the bone it is attached to with specially designed Gum Rejuvenation Technique instruments.
  4. He then glides the gum material to where it’s supposed to be.
  5. To complete the gum rejuvenation technique procedure, Dr. Theurer slips several tiny collagen strips under the gums to keep the tissue in its proper place.
  6. This process will help your body naturally form new collagen which fills in the gum tissue so it will stay where it is supposed to.

Advantages of the Pinhole Surgical Technique in Sugar House

woman portrait in autumn

  • PAIN-FREE | Traditional gum surgery and gum disease treatment was very painful. The new The Sugar House Dentist pinhole gum rejuvenation technique does not involve cutting or any surgery. It is gentle and almost completely painless.
  • You will be extremely pleased (and maybe relieved!) to discover how comfortable this gum recession treatment is.
  • SHORTER TREATMENT TIME | In the past, one gum recession treatment could take up to one or two hours of surgery—and a complete treatment could take much longer. Using the new pinhole gum rejuvenation technique, we can treat 4–6 teeth per hour. This means that we can easily treat all of your teeth in just one day! You can make one trip to our comfortable office to repair your gum recession.
  • OPTIMAL | The gum rejuvenation treatment can be the optimal treatment for gum recession. You can be assured that it is as effective as traditional methods—if not more effective. It is also long lasting.
  • NON-INVASIVE | Whereas the original gum surgery required hours of time and cutting the roof of your mouth and gums, the gum rejuvenation treatment is the size of a pinhole.
  • This means that it is not even considered surgery. It is a small pinprick in your gums and the process is all completed within that tiny pinprick.
  • FASTER HEALING | Because there are sutures with the periodontal grafting, most patients can’t eat solid foods for a long time. With the pinhole gum rejuvenation technique, many patients report that they have no swelling, no bleeding, and little to no pain. In fact, many patients are able to eat a proper meal the same evening they’ve had the pinhole gum rejuvenation technique.

Am I a Good Candidate for Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation Technique?

pinhole gum rejuvenation for gum recession in Salt Lake City and Sugar House

  • If you would like to have a non-invasive process that takes only an hour, the pinhole gum rejuvenation technique is for you.
  • If you would like to have your gum recession treated in a way that can give you long-lasting results without pain and many postoperative complaints, then the pinhole gum rejuvenation technique is for you.
  • If you would like to have a treatment that is so minor and non-invasive that you can eat a regular meal the same day and not live on pudding and chicken broth for a long time, then the pinhole gum rejuvenation technique is for you.
  • If you want an alternative to gum surgery that is effective, then the pinhole gum rejuvenation technique is for you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pinhole Surgical Technique in Sugar House

It looks like I have exposed roots. Is having exposed roots bad?

Exposed roots can mean that you have gingival (gum) recession. Exposed roots and gingival recession can cause your teeth to loosen and may even cause tooth loss. These are not to be taken lightly.

What is the pinhole gum rejuvenation technique?

The pinhole gum rejuvenation technique is a non-invasive procedure that can treat exposed roots and gingival recession without having invasive, painful gum surgery.

Does the pinhole gum rejuvenation technique hurt?

One of the best aspects of the pinhole gum rejuvenation technique is that it doesn’t hurt! The pinhole gum rejuvenation technique makes a small pin prick with a needle and the entire procedure is completed in the space of that small hole. There is no surgery, no cutting, no sutures. It is a fabulous treatment for exposed roots and gingival recession.

How long does the pinhole gum rejuvenation technique take?

Only about an hour!

Will I have a lot of postoperative issues with the pinhole gum rejuvenation technique?

No. Because this exposed roots and gingival recession procedure is not surgical, there is no bleeding, no swelling, and no pain.

The traditional gum grafting surgery used for exposed roots and gingival recession had postoperative symptoms that were so severe that you couldn’t eat anything more than pudding or gelatin for some time. With the pinhole gum rejuvenation technique, most patients have little to no discomfort and can eat a proper dinner that same day.

Is the pinhole gum rejuvenation technique safe?

This procedure is safe because there is no need to cut and graft.

Is the pinhole gum rejuvenation technique effective?

Yes. This procedure is very effective for exposed roots and gingival recession.

Do many dentists perform the pinhole gum rejuvenation technique?

No. In the Salt Lake area, only Dr. Theurer of The Sugar House Dentist is trained to perform this valuable, revolutionary procedure.

Call The Sugar House Dentist in Salt Lake City for This New Gum-Saving Procedure

If you have gum recession or some of the symptoms of this problem, please contact our Salt Lake City dentist office today. You could be an excellent candidate for our new gum disease treatment. We are excited to help you with this issue and give you the use of your healthy teeth, mouth, and smile in a miraculously short amount of time if you are in the Sugar House – Murray UT area!

I came to this office for the pinhole gum surgery technique when my gum recession became uncomfortable. Dr. Theurer and his staff all did a wonderful job. He was super friendly and explained everything clearly so I understood exactly what would happen. The procedure was painless and the recovery was smooth. Most recently I came back to their office for a second opinion with some cavities another dentist told me I had. Dr. Theurer walked through the x-rays with me to explain what cavities look like and what healthy teeth look like. Turns out I didn't have any cavities. The office didn't charge me for the appointment or the x-ray. I will definitely be switching to this office for my regular dental cleaning!

– Tori F. –

I absolutely love Dr. Theurer and his whole team (especially Brittany)! They have made going to the dentist a much more enjoyable experience. They are efficient and thorough, always checking back in with you after a procedure to make sure you’re feeling okay. In particular I had the pinhole gum rejuvenation treatment for receding gums and despite my nerves about it, I could not be happier with the results. The pain was minimal and Dr. Theurer was very reassuring the whole time. If you’re in need of this treatment, I would not hesitate to tell you to go see Dr. Theurer. Also a big plus is their extended hours to get more people in before and after work/school. It’s so nice to be able to find a time that won’t interrupt my day. I highly recommend Dr. Theurer if you’re looking for a new dentist!

– Beth J. –