Root Canals

root canal therapy for tooth pain in Sugar House and Murray UTIf you have a toothache that won’t quit or even if it comes or goes, it can cause some real discomfort as well as inconvenience. This toothache may be an indication that you need a root canal.

Root Canal Therapy For Tooth Pain In Sugar House

The term “root canal” can strike fear in the hearts of many people, and in the past, root canals were a rather painful procedure that required a somewhat long recovery time. However, with modern dentistry procedures at The Sugar House Dentist in Salt Lake City, there is probably more pain with your toothache than there will be with a root canal treatment.

Why Would I Need a Root Canal?

While a toothache can often mean you need a root canal, there are other reasons why a root canal is the prescribed treatment. Symptoms that might benefit from a root canal include the following:

  • If you have pain when you chew or bite down.
  • If you have pain when your tooth is exposed to hot or cold temperatures—especially if the heat or cold is taken off the tooth and there is still pain.
  • If your tooth is discolored or looks like it is darkening.
  • If the gums near the tooth are swollen or tender.
  • If you have a persistent or recurring pimple or sore on your gums.

The Root Canal Process at The Sugar House Dentist

The process for a root canal is rather simple.

  1. Your dentist will first clean out any decay in the tooth.
  2. He will then remove the infected tooth pulp from the tooth.
    • When you were still growing teeth, tooth pulp was essential so your teeth where healthy and strong. However, once you have your adult teeth, the root pulp is no longer necessary and can sometimes become infected. It is this tooth pulp that is removed during a root canal procedure.
  3. Once the decayed and infected root pulp is removed, your dentist will fill the tooth just like with a tooth filling performed on a cavity.
    • We use tooth-colored fillings, which are healthier, more durable, and more attractive than traditional metal fillings.

At your next checkup, we’ll make sure your root canal procedure has done its job and that the infection didn’t spread to any other neighboring teeth.

Call The Sugar House Dentist for Toothache Relief in the Salt Lake City Area

If you have a persistent toothache or are concerned you may need a root canal, call us today! We help patients all over the Salt Lake City area find tooth pain relief—from Sugar House to Murray, UT!

The best dentistry practice I have ever been to. One of my main reasons of trying this place out is that they offer fluoride free teeth cleaning! I have always hated going to the dentist and it was always an uncomfortable place to be. I am a relatively new patient here and so far my experience and interaction with the staff members have been nothing but amazing. They are so kind, helpful, considerate, and most importantly they were informative and kept me in the loop about everything they were doing. I feel Dr. Theurer is meticulous, experienced, and careful. I am grateful I was able to get my root canal done by him and his team. He also throws in a few jokes while he’s performing on your teeth 😂 it lightens up the mood. Thanks for everything! I’ll be coming here routinely until I need to move again for my husband’s military service relocation. If I could have this practice for the rest of my years, I would totally only go to them!

– Jess K. –

Dr. Theurer was friendly and gentle. He helped me to relax while doing my root canal and is very patient and honest about what I need to get done in order to keep my mouth healthy. Love Love Love this office!!!

– Kate K. –