Your 40-65 Year Old Smile

FOR PEOPLE BELONGING TO GENERATIONS PAST, chances were slim that somebody could keep their healthy, natural teeth over their entire lifetime. Fortunately, today’s remarkable technologies and advanced materials, coupled with Dr. Jared and Dr. Daniel’s artistic eye and extensive training, greatly increase the likelihood that you’ll keep your smile for life!

Sometimes, when we visit with our valued patients and friends, we recognize that making decisions about various treatments isn’t easy. There are a lot of choices. To help you better understand dental service decision making, we’ve set up a simple little framework explained below. As always, the decisions are always YOURS to make. We just want to be sure you have good information, and it’s our hope that this will help bring additional clarity to your decision making.

For purposes of the next several blog posts, we’ve divided “The Lifetime of Your Smile” into four phases:

  • Your 1–20 Year Old Smile
  • Your 20–40 Year Old Smile
  • Your 40–65 Year Old Smile
  • Your 65+ Year Old Smile

In addition to finding YOUR smile’s current phase, you probably have family members, loved ones, and friends who are in the other phases as well. We invite you to pass along this information!

Must do. Should do. Could do.

Each day—consciously and subconsciously—we our life and our decision making by “must do’s,” “should do’s,” and “could do’s.” Here at The Sugar House Dentist our goal is to make sure you’re comfortable with every oral health decision you make, and that you see the difference between the “musts,” the “shoulds,” and the “coulds.”

Of course, these lists don’t have everything about your oral care—and, there are no absolutely right or wrong answers to what you must, should, or could be doing with your oral health. Everyone has different priorities and different wants and needs. So, just think of these posts as a starting point. And if you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!


Today’s Post Is About Your 40–65 Year Old Smile

THE BEST PART OF LIFE IS STARTING! What a great time in history to be this age! And don’t forget, as science continues to prove, the crucial role proper dental care plays in your overall health and appearance. So eat right, exercise, enjoy yourself along the way, and flash that gorgeous smile more often!

Must do.

  • It’s estimated that up to 3/4 of adults over age 35 have some degree of gum disease. Work with your dentist and keep your regular check-ups to be sure you don’t.
  • 63% of “boomers” have an oral health problem that is considered to be an indication of a more serious problem, but are unaware of the connection. These problems can also be found through routine visits.

Should do.

  • You probably still have silver mercury amalgam fillings, placed when you were a teen. Not only are they unsightly and can damage tooth structure, but some believe they may present other disadvantages. Work with your dentist to systematically replace them with greatly-improved, durable white composite fillings.
  • Half your life lies ahead. You remodeled your home after a few decades—it’s time to remodel your smile. Drs. Theurer provides “upgrades” that will allow you to keep your teeth for rest of your life.

Could do.

  • Well beyond botox, breast implants, and viagra… Nothing makes you look AND feel younger than a beautiful smile. It’s a fact. Today’s whitening treatments—often combined with one of many porcelain veneer options—can create a personal smile makeover that is truly your “fountain of youth.”

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Watch for our next blog post to learn about one of the other phases in “The Lifetime of Your Smile”!