Rock-Steady Implant-Supported Bridges

Dental bridges are a type of restoration used to replace several missing teeth. The term “bridge” comes from the fact that the restoration is anchored to the teeth on each side of the gap, thus “bridging” it. But implant-supported bridges like those from The Sugar House Dentist in Salt Lake City are proving to be superior.

In addition to improving appearance, traditional bridges allow the patient to regain the ability to bite and chew. One of their drawbacks, however, is that the two teeth used to anchor the bridge need to be altered to accommodate the bridge, which compromises their integrity in the long term.

Dental implants are a way around this drawback. Implants are titanium posts that are inserted into the jaw. Within a few months the posts fuse with the bone. At that point they provide a rock-solid support for the bridge, which is attached directly to the implant. Those neighboring teeth are left alone, and since it is connected directly to the jaw, the bridge itself is more secure than an old-style bridge.

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