Oh, If Only Perfect Teeth Were So Easy!

IT’S CALL “MOOTOPIA” BY SOME… A WONDERLAND WHERE FRESH MILK FLOWS like waterfalls. A perfect land of beautiful hair, healthy nails and strong muscles. But is it too perfect?

Hmmm… Just guessing that the dentists in Mootopia aren’t very happy! Not enough bad teeth to work on because of all that milk people are drinking! Oh well… We just decided this week to just have a little fun instead of talking about dentistry. We’d like you to have a little fun too! Play the chime tune below, then click on the link below that to go to Mootopia and make one of your own!

So, have a little fun! Click on the image below and waste a little time goofing around on the web. You gotta do it once in a while!

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