Learning About Dental Sealants

YES, THE TOPIC OF “DENTAL SEALANTS” IS ABOUT AS EXCITING AS IT SOUNDS—but don’t let the name fool you! In many cases, this simple and quick procedure is one of the easiest things we can do for you to help prevent cavities and tooth decay.

Dr. Jared and Dr. Daniel both recommend using sealants as preventive dental care for children. Children’s teeth have small depressions and grooves, making it harder to properly clean them with brushing alone. Sealants create a protection in these small depressions and grooves, keeping plaque from being able to form in the small crevices. Even though it’s ideal to get sealants as a child, adults can also be good candidates for dental sealants.

Sealants are applied during a very short visit here at The Sugar House Dentist. After your teeth are perfectly cleaned and prepped, the sealing solution is painted directly on the tooth surfaces. A curing light is then used to harden the sealant. After the sealant is hardened you’re on your way—no need to wait to eat or drink. Routine dental checkups will allow Dr. Jared and Dr. Daniel to keep tabs on your sealants, making sure they’re in good condition.

Most insurance companies cover sealants, and the procedure lasts around 10 years—making one application last from childhood into adulthood. To see if it’s the right time to get sealants for your children or yourself just ask us using our contact form. Or, you can always send us a message on Twitter or Facebook with your questions, or give us a call here at our Salt Lake City practice at 801-656-0289.