Invisalign: Straight Teeth Without The Metal

LET’S SAY, ONE DAY, YOU FIND A GENIE willing to grant you three wishes. Would you use one of those wishes for braces? Absurd! That’s because nobody wants braces—they just suffer through them to have straight teeth! A real wish would be for magically straight teeth.

What if either Dr. Jared or Dr. Daniel Theurer told you about a way to straighten your teeth without braces? Sorry, no magic genie… So we’ll have to go with the next best thing: Invisalign.

Invisalign is the “magic way” to straighten your teeth without bulky metal braces. We use a series of clear trays that Drs. Jared and Daniel custom design for your mouth. The best thing about this process is that you can take them out for meals, to brush and floss, and for special occasions. The added bonus is that when you are wearing them they are nearly invisible.

With Invisalign the process is simple and efficient. If you want to know more about this procedure, or even if you just have questions about Invisalign, feel free to call us and set up a time to come in and visit with either Dr. Jared or Dr. Daniel. Or for general questions you can also email us, or send us a message on Twitter—whatever works best for you.

We look forward to visiting with you about Invisalign.