Innovative Implants For Confident Smiles

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Many people experience an increase in self-confidence, after dental implant treatment at The Sugar House Dentist in Salt Lake City.

A dental implant is a titanium post that is inserted into the jaw, where it replaces the missing tooth root. One or more of these posts can support an artificial crown, bridgework, or even a set of dentures. The replacement teeth look and function like natural teeth. No wonder this innovative technology is considered one of the greatest advances in dentistry!

The key to a successful implant is the post attaching to the bone. And this is the real beauty of it: titanium has a unique ability to fuse, or join, with bone. There’s actually a word for it: osteophilic, which means “bone loving.” This property has made titanium the material of choice in dental implants.

High Success Rate

One of the things that make dental implants such an attractive option is their remarkably high success rate: over ninety percent. The biggest threat to an implant is infection. That makes it critical to keep a dental implant clean – as important as with natural teeth. Plaque collects on and around implant crowns the same way it does on teeth, so it is up to the patient to remove it every day. And that, of course, means brushing and flossing.

It all begins with the titanium post, and osseointegration. At The Sugar House Dentist in Salt Lake City, dental implants are one of our specialties. Call our office today to find out whether you’re a good candidate for the procedure!

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